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Shooting Stars Charity

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The Client

Shooting Stars is a charity organisation aimed to increase school attendance for indigenous girls across WA. The charity started with sport and in 2022 they wanted a song, a theme song written by the girls for the girls.


The Campaign

Being assigned to write a song, in a day, with a range of teenage girls we’d never met sounded terrifying. Could they sing? Could they write lyrics? Do I have enough mics? We were all nervous. What happened ended up being one of the most exhilarating creative day for Panda Candy. Josh, Tani and Daz brought their experience to the day. They played their own song first to excite everyone and then they girls gathered in a small group to discuss what being a Shooting Star means to them. The girls sang and rapped their song in the studio (first time!) and completely blew me away. They showed courage to perform and their lyrics are really inspiring. We loved that day.

The Response

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Growing culture confidence identity.

From my sisters is where i draw my energy,

I’m on a journey to become a better me,

My connections will become the remedy

To those that won’t allow us to flourish

My sisters empower me with courage

No distance that I won’t cover

Cause I’m a shooting star like no other.


They can’t keep up when we’re high in flight,

But they’ll feel our glow when we shine our light.

It’s time to show the world just how true you are.

So go on; get it, girl – you’re a shooting star.


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