Heaps Normal Song

Heaps Normal

The Client

HEAPS NORMAL are a non alcoholic beer company that have a strong street brand identity. We pitched the first Non Alcoholic Beer Jingle ala Victoria Bitter as a starting point.

They were excited but as we discovered more about their brand we realised they were the aussie punk rocker’s not the country westerner’s of Australia’s frothy past.

The Campaign

We started with lyrics first. The Heaps Normal team were big on everyday Australians celebrating the little wins. Whether you got both your kids to school on time or you didn’t forget to put your bins out on a Tuesday, you’re a winner. It’s time to shed light on what’s normal and give it a win. Enter Mark Bonnano (a member of Aunty Donna). He came up with 5 characters (The Tradie, The Artist, The Home Aloner, The Parent, The Exerciser and The Bartender). As amusing as his script is, there’s a serious tone to all their everyday experiences that Heaps Normal felt is integral to normalising the desire for people to gather and have a beer and hey, maybe you wanna go to the pub but you don’t want to get boozey maybe that’s heaps normal too? 

That’s where the music went to, we wanted to keep it street. Punk rock, what would The Chat’s do? A catchy chorus as ocker as possible.

The Response


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