The Pandas

Glenn Sarangapany

Glenn Sarangapany is an acclaimed songwriter and composer, boasting a track record of success across film, television, and video games. With over eight years of experience as a creative director, he has overseen music and sound production for diverse advertising campaigns, refining his skills along the way. A musical nerd and proud of it, Glenn has extensive training in jazz guitar and classical piano which gives him a unique musical perspective to his work, In addition to writing and touring with his band Birds of Tokyo, Glenn has collaborated with the Western Australian Symphony Orchestra and shared the stage with acts such as The Veronicas and Ricki-Lee Coulter. Notably, his recent composition for the award-winning animated film “My Jumper It Roars!” is poised to screen at the 2024 New York Children’s Film Festival.

Ian Berney

Ian Berney, a versatile musician known for his modern styles, has made dynamic contributions to bands like Sugar Army and Birds of Tokyo, leaving an indelible mark on the Australian music scene. Besides performing, Ian’s a multi-award-winning songwriter, sought-after producer, and engineer. Notably, he re-wrote the West Coast Eagles theme song and collaborated with Heaps Normal to create their jingle (jingle isn’t a dirty word when the track rocks this hard). His involvement with Shooting Stars showcases his commitment to making a positive impact through music, captivating audiences and pushing creative boundaries.

Scott Robinson

With years of experience in marketing and advertising, Scott has garnered acclaim as one of the few individuals to win the prestigious 40 under 40 business award three times, showcasing his innovative approach to business. Beyond his achievements in the corporate world, Scott is a gifted musician with a passion for music that extends beyond the boardroom (the dude can seriously shred!) His ability to balance his analytical mindset with his creative pursuits gives Panda Candy a unique edge.


Kieran Kenderessy is an audio engineering wizard whose passion for audio and recording is unmatched. With a keen ear and technical expertise, Kieran lives and breathes audio. His impressive resume includes work on several award-winning films and video games, where his contributions to sound design and mixing have helped elevate the overall experience. Kieran’s talent has also caught the attention of numerous award-winning artists, leading to collaborations that have left a lasting impression on the industry. From recording live jazz bands and orchestras to working with solo vocalists, Kieran has done it all, showcasing his versatility and proficiency in capturing the essence of any musical performance. 

Panda Candy is a Western Australian based sound studio that focuses on music first.

With our unique industry experience, we will put together the ideal team tailored to suit the specific needs of each project. Whether you’re a filmmaker, a podcaster or a musician, Panda Candy is keen to make some noise with you.

If there’s one thing we know about pandas… they looooooove music.


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